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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  Since I’m far more interested in defending people and helping them during what can be some of the most stressful times in their lives than I am in becoming a software engineer, my website development is not as slick as a lot of those other lawyers about whom you already may have heard.

Being accused of a crime is probably one of the most overwhelming experiences anyone can have.  Remember, though, it is just an accusation.  The mere fact that you may have been accused does not mean you have been convicted, will have a record, or are guilty of anything.  The reality is that some police departments and district attorney offices accuse first and ask questions later, instead of fully investigating a case before deciding whether charges should be filed; and before identifying the proper person against whom to file the charges.  This forces you to defend yourself even if you are not guilty of anything.

The most important thing that you can remember regarding a criminal accusation is that you have no obligation to speak to anyone.  No one can require you to discuss anything.  Period!  Also, your refusal to speak to the police can not be used against you.  So, don’t do it!  No matter what the situation, you cannot be more guilty after saying nothing than before saying nothing.  On the other hand, as you know, anything you do say to the police will be twisted around in some way to be used against you.  Now, compare that to the fact that you have a privilege over anything you discuss with your lawyer.  Neither the cops nor the district attorney nor even a judge or jury get to know what you’ve said to your own attorney.  This is true even if you decide not to hire the lawyer.  So, talk to me first, not them!

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